Skinning Instructions

Skinning Instructions for Gameheads:

1. When gutting the animal, the abdominal incision should STOP at the brisket (A).
2. Cut completely around the animal at brisket (from A to B, both sides)
3. Cut around the knees (C).
4. Cut up the backsides of the frontlegs (C to D).
5. Starting at horns, cut as shown from E to B.
This allows removal of body and neck from the cape, leaving head in.
Your taxidermist will skin out the head.

If you are unsure about the instructions, you may bring in the entire animal and we will skin it out for you.

Skinning Instructions for Rugs:

NOTE: It is important to always start at the foot.

1. On belly side, cut animal from anus to neck.
2. Front leg cuts are made starting just past the pads.
3. Cut from the middle of the wrist (A),
down the inside center to the chest.
4. Hind leg cuts are made from the heel (B) to the anus,
following the backside of the hind leg.

If it is not possible to deliver the skin to your taxidermist immediately, please freeze specimen or keep extremely cold.